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Introduction to the Winter Training Series

The Winter Training Series
Returns January 11, 2020! – Don't be left riding in the cold... on your own! Starting out with short routes they gradually increase in length and/or difficulty (more elevation gain) over an nine week period. They will be sure to get you ready for the 2020 Brevet Season!

Click here for the schedule.

Led again by Ralph Nussbaum with able assistance from Noel Howes and Ray Whitlock, the 22nd edition of the WTS starts January 11th and will end just before the year's first official SIR Populaire (100km ride). Co-hosted by the Cascade Bicycle Club, this is an eight ride series, with distances that vary from about 34 miles on our first ride to 100 miles on our last. It's hard to predict what the weather gods will have in store for us.Lat year we had to cancel a couple of rides due to snow and/or ice. We don't want to sacrifice safety just to get in an early season ride.  These rides are a great way to get in some early season training with a natural buildup of miles while enjoying the company of other riders. Winter riding is tough enough - this gives you a chance to do it with friends. You know what they say – misery loves company.

Important Details:

  • We'll start all rides at 9:00AM on Saturday (except for the 8th one – the 100 mile century that starts at 8:00AM). This doesn't mean show up and gather at 9:00AM, this means we leave at 9:00AM, so be sure to show up earlier to sign in, pump up your tires, adjust your fenders, and put all your warm clothes on. Sign-in starts at 8:30AM and ride announcements will be made at 8:50AM.
  • It would really make life a lot easier for the Ride Leaders if you preregister for each ride through the Cascade Bicycle Club website. You do not need to pay to join that club. You can simply create a free account. See the directions in each individual ride description. All rides are rain or shine. We might shorten the ride for really, really foul weather. The only cancellation will be for snow or ice. Check the SIR Website for last minute updates or cancellations if it looks like temperatures will be at or below freezing.
  • We generally stop infrequently and very briefly. We like to keep warm and keep moving. As a result, we don't regroup. This means you need to be self-sufficient.
  • Usually the mid-group pace averages 14 mph including hills and flats. The faster folks are usually closer to 16–18 mph while the back of the pack will be closer to 11–13 mph. The pace will undoubtedly vary depending on terrain, weather, and participants.
  • While each ride has a designated distance, there are almost always shortcuts to get back. There are also almost always possibilities to extend the ride as well. Just ask and we can probably point you to where you want to go.
  • For those with GPS devices we will provide a GPS track for each ride. See the link at the end of each ride description.
  • Cue sheets will not be provided on the day of the ride. Please download your own from the RideWithGPS track found on the individual ride description. You may also want to bring your own plastic bag to keep the cue sheet dry on those rainy wintry days.
  • Please have fenders with a mud flap as they are a must on days when the roads are wet. Forgetting once is forgivable. Forgetting twice – well, expect some harassment. :-)
  • Please have sufficient riding skills and experience to ride in a group. And as always, please watch out for each other, respect traffic laws, and local traffic.

If you have any questions, please contact Ralph Nussbaum at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or Noel Howes at
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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