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This is a great resource of PBP info.

Official PBP Brochure
Direct from the ACP

PBP 2019 Official Brochure

SIR's ACP club code is 947018.
To get your homologation code, go to the RUSA website and search results using your RUSA number.

US PBP Travel Agent

"How To PBP" Videos
-by Eric Norris

PBP Tips for First Timers
-by Susan Otcenas

Visualization of different paces and finish times at PBP 2015

There is a neat visualization of rider progress at PBP 2015 available at

You can see how the riders spread out and move through the controls if you select "Progress chart (animation)" option.

If you want an idea of how different rides may have unfolded, you can enter a frame number and see how that rider's black dot tracks relative to the other riders. A reasonable cross-section of ride possibilities is represented by SIR's 2015 finishers in this table.

Selected 2015 SIR Finishers

For registration deadlines and other specific information, please visit the official Paris Brest Paris Website.