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Randonneuring has some interesting names for different types of rides; permanents, brevets, populaires, darts and fleches. No matter what the name, each is a timed ride with a set of control points where you obtain some sort of proof that you rode to that location.


Brevets are timed rides, scheduled in advance, and sanctioned by either RUSA or ACP. Typical brevet lengths are 200, 300, 400, 600, 1,000 or 1,200 km. Think of these rides as Events. You must be a member of RUSA or other umbrella organization to ride a brevet.

Brevets can be used as qualifying rides for major rides (1200 km) such as PBP. They count towards various RUSA mileage awards. See the RUSA site for more information.


Permanents were created so that riders can get out on their bikes at times when a brevet is not offered. 'Permanent' in that the ride is 'always available'. Like brevets, permanents are timed rides, the routes and control times calculated well in advance. A list of permanents can be found on the RUSA site. Riders arrange with the Permanent owner to ride the Permanent.

Permanents count towards various RUSA mileage awards. See the RUSA site for more information.

The Perminantor site provides registration to selected RUSA Permanents that are located in the Northwest. Under RUSA rules, these are “owned” by individual route owners. SIR provides logistical support for this registration service to route owners in exchange for rider access to Permanents without ride fees. SIR does not have any direct involvement in the development or maintenance of the Permanent routes.


Populaires are like brevets, however they are open to non-members. Populaires are a great way to meet Randonnneurs and decide if Randonneuring is for you.

Fleches and Darts

These are the only randonneuring rides that are done with a team. Teams of up to five machines start the ride and at least three of the five machines must finish within the time limits.

Fleches and Darts count towards various RUSA and ACP awards.


Since our rides are timed courses with a number of controls there is a certain minimum amount of paperwork required. Since we have local,national (RUSA) and inter national (ACP) sanctioning bodies there is yet more paperwork.

They are fun. Really.


Your fellow rider / volunteers have been working to add more calendared events. For each event, this process involves getting a volunteer, picking a date, getting the date on the official calendar, picking a route, and submitting the route (if new) for approval.

Stay tuned. When new events are added, they will be published on this website. In the meantime, enjoy riding some of the many great permanents available.

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