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Permanents were created so that riders can get out on their bikes for brevet-length rides at times when a brevet is not offered. 'Permanent' in that the ride is 'always available'. Like brevets, permanents are timed rides, the routes and control times calculated in advance. A nationwide list of permanents can be found on the RUSA site. Riders arrange with the Permanent owner to ride the Permanent. Some owners charge a small fee as compensation for their time and effort. RUSA's Permanent FAQ provides additional information about Permanents.

Permanents count towards various RUSA mileage awards. See the RUSA website for more information.

The Perminator site provides registration to selected RUSA Permanents that are located in the Northwest. Under RUSA rules, these are “owned” by individual route owners. SIR provides logistical support for this registration service to route owners in exchange for rider access to Permanents without ride fees. SIR does not have any direct involvement in the development or maintenance of the Permanent routes.

How to Ride a Permanent

The general steps to ride a Permanent are:

  • Contact the route owner to register for the route, date, and start time you want. Start this well in advance. Route owners are volunteers and work on their own schedules.
  • The route owner will provide the route documents: GPS route, route sheet, control card. This might all be done via email and you will be responsible for necessary printing.
  • Ride the route. Collect proof of passage at controls: typically you either answer questions at informational controls, or obtain receipts showing the time and date from businesses at timed controls. You enter this information on the control card. Some permanent owners accept photos or even gps traces, but these options have to be by arrangement with the route owner.
  • After your ride, return your proof of passage materials to the route owner for validation.


How to Ride an SIR Permanent

Permanents administered by the Seattle Randonneurs Permanents Team are coordinated through our online system, the Perminator. There is no fee to ride SIR Permanents.

If you are new to the Perminator, you must do two things:

  1. Create an account
  2. Download and print the annual Perminator waiver, physically sign it, and upload a scan of the signed waiver. After your waiver is approved you will be able to register for Permanents using the Perminator.

You can browse routes in the SIR route library on Ride with GPS. Permanents have the 'Permanent' tag, and are named as 'nnnn Route Name', such as '3343 Enchanted Orcas Eastsound Start'.

There are several ways to register for rides in the Perminator. Public Registrations shows rides that others are registered for and lets you join those rides with a single click. Register for Permanent lets you pick a route from a list if you already know which route you want to ride. Find Permanent lets you filter routes by various criteria such as length, climbing, or a portion of the route name.

Once you select a route you must complete an online waiver, which simply requires you to type your name as your online signature. Then in My Registrations you will find links to download the Ride with GPS file, route sheet, and control card.

After your ride you return your control card and any receipts by uploading scans or photographs of the materials via the Perminator. In My Registrations there will be a button that allows you to start the upload process.


Electronic Proof of Passage (EPP)

The SIR team is now accepting EPP! As proof of passage you may upload a .gpx file of your ride. A glitch with your gps device that ruins or loses your track is the same as losing your control card – you won't receive credit for the ride. If you have any qualms about the reliability of your device you should collect traditional proof of passage as well. Gpx tracks are the only form of Electronic Proof of Passage we accept. Photographs are not accepted.