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Permanents were created so that riders can get out on their bikes at times when a brevet is not offered. 'Permanent' in that the ride is 'always available'. Like brevets, permanents are timed rides, the routes and control times calculated well in advance. A list of permanents can be found on the RUSA site. Riders arrange with the Permanent owner to ride the Permanent.

Permanents count towards various RUSA mileage awards. See the RUSA website for more information.

The Perminator provides registration to selected RUSA Permanents that are located in the Northwest. Under RUSA rules, these are “owned” by individual route owners. SIR provides logistical support for this registration service to route owners in exchange for rider access to Permanents without ride fees. SIR does not have any direct involvement in the development or maintenance of the Permanent routes.