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In addition to scheduled brevets, the randonneuring menu also contains a wide variety of “permanents,” ranging in distance from 100 kilometers (62 miles) up to thousands of kilometers. Like brevets, permanents feature an established course with control points and time limits based on distance.

Unlike brevets, however, permanents can be ridden at any time. One or more riders pick a time and register for a route. Then go ride!

Permanents exist all over the United States (and, in various forms, in other randonneuring courtries). Washington features a great variety of permanents, with hundreds of routes catalogued in SIR’s “Perminator” and ranging over many of the great roads and trails of our region and state.

Permanents count towards various RUSA mileage awards. See the RUSA site for more information.

Head over to the Perminator to get started riding permanents in the NW.