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Brevet Week 600

Preregistration has closed for this event. You can still ride! Please show up to the start at least 30 minutes early to get registered. Bring cash or a check to pay the $20 fee.

Cost of this brevet is:
$10 with online preregistration and prepayment before Thursday, May 2, at 8 PM.
$20 for non-preregistered riders; that is, those who register and pay at the start.
Come join us on May 10 for the Brevet Week 600 km brevet. This ride is part unsupported series-in-a-week, which is a great way to claim all of your PBP qualifiers at once. We'll have cards and cue sheets at the start (please preregister so we know how much to print), but you're on your own for everything else—including overnight accommodations. It's a true celebration of self-sufficient randonneuring!

Start at 06:00 from the Super 8 in Ellensburg (1500 Canyon Rd Ellensburg, WA). The Brevet Week 600k route will start off by going down the Yakima Canyon. At Selah, the route will go on back roads to Naches and then take US 12 up to Rimrock Reservor. The route will follow Tieten Reservoir Road around Clear Lake and Rimrock Reservoir. After returning to Naches, the route will go up to the town of Tieton then go south over to Tampico and take the North Fork Ahtanum River valley to the end of pavement. The route will then go straight back to Fruitvale/Yakima and then back up the Yakima Canyon. Overnight will be at the Super 8 motel at approximately 352 km mark. After the overnight control, the route will then go northeast to Thorp and over Elk Heights and into Cle Elum. The route will then go past Cle Elum Reservor to Salmon La Sac campground (end of paved road) and then return back to the town of Cle Elum. The route will go east on back roads and take the North Fork Teanaway to the end of paved forest service road, return back down the Teanaway Valley to SR-970 and north on US 97 to Liberty Cafe. Then back south on US 97 over windmill hill and loop through the eastern Kittitas Valley before finishing at the Super 8 in Ellensburg. The total climbing on the proposed 600k route is approximately 15,000 ft.

Route on RWGPS: This route is not final and may change. The cuesheet will be completed following pre-ride, about 1 week before start of ride.

Here is the final cuesheet, I will print cuesheets to hand out at the start. There are some special instructions I will provide in preride breifing, that might not display GPS screens.

This will count as a 600km qualifying brevet for Paris-Brest-Paris.

Lights and reflective gear are required for this ride. At the start, have your front and rear lights on the bike and wear your reflective vest and ankle bands.

RUSA membership is not required, but is strongly recommended, especially if you are using this ACP 600K to qualify for Paris-Brest-Paris.

Here are some important details for the Brevet Week rides:

·         If you are not staying at the Super 8 the night after each finish of Brevet Wek, they have a limited parking lot, so please park at the Super 1 Foods (far front parking spots nearest Canyon Rd), just a half mile north of Super 8, at the corner of Canyon Rd and W Mountain View Ave.

·                 Please study the RWGPS. We prerode the200k and 600k and predrove the 400k and there are some turns that don’t have signs and there are slight right/slgith left turns that you sometimes need to take at the same intersection with a 90 degree right/left turn.  If you are a cuesheet only navigator, there are also bike trails that you might be riding at night, with no signs to describe which way to go. We did our best to give some landmarks to help with the way in these situations, but it’s always good to see the RWGPS larger map beforehand.

·         Morning of ride Registration will be at the Super 8 front lobby (yes there is day of ride registration!!)

.o 600k 5:20am-6am 

·         After you finish at the Super 8, I will have an envelope at the front desk and if I am not there, please have your card initialed and time stamped and make sure you sign your card and put your control card in the envelope. Then also your finish time under your name on the envelope.  Please text me when you finish. My cell: 360-250-2006

·          If there are any questions or anything please call me as I will be staying at a friends house in Ellensburg for later in the evening.

2019 Brevet Week 600k – Preride Report by John Pearch

Josh Morse and I both prerode the 600k on April 27th and 28th. Vinny later prerode the 600k on May 5th and 6th.  Thanks to Anita for all her valuable local knowledge of the cycle-friendly roads.  And thanks to Anita and Steve for letting me stay at their house for the week and for the preride of the 600k and 200k.  Brevet Week would not happen without all their support!!  I am having a blast so far organizing the Brevet Week, so far the 200k, 300k and 600k had a great turnout! 

Although there were significant headwinds when we prerode a couple weekends ago, this was during an abnormal weather event for early spring, so hopefully the weather will be kind to you all.  The forecast for our preride called for high winds in Ellensburg and snow in the Cascades.  At least the start down the Yakima Canyon had a tailwind. The canyon can have intense cross-winds. Once you arrive in Selah there is services at the AM/PM. From Selah there are rolling hills over to Naches. The Sticky Fingers Bakery has an info and is a great place to stock up before the long climb up to Clear Lake and Rimrock Lake.  Sticky Fingers Bakery was where the gravelly 600k overnight was in 2016, they are still very supportive of cyclists!! The Old Naches Hwy is a great back road that avoids US-12 until you cross at the 410/12 junction, then you are on US-12 for the 43k, climbing 1800 ft. Rimrock Grocery is just before the Rimrock Dam and was a great place to get some beverages. We had significant headwinds and crosswinds on this climb, particularly along the Rimrock Reservoir. As we turned onto the Tieton Rd, it started to lightly snow, but nothing to write home about.  There is an Info control about 5k after turning off US-12. There is about 400 ft more of climbing then a sweet descent (and tailwind for us) all the back down to Naches.  We stopped at the Circle K in Naches (right at the turn towards the town of Tieton). We were glad we stocked up as the climb up to Tieton is steep…about 500 ft in just over a mile! The bakery was closed in Tieton so we went and check Roberts Market, which is open until 9pm. However, we are not certain if stores in Tieton will be open on Friday during the ride, so plan on stocking up at the Circle K in Naches, possibly another 100k to the next available services! There was a massive tailwind for us heading SE towards the Ahtanum Valley, which also has a long descent as well. Once you get to Ahtanum Rd, the climb up to Ahtanum campground is about 1800 ft in 20 miles. Note: There is Ahtanum Meadows Campground about 1 kilometer before the INFO Ahtanum Campground (at the end of the pavement just past crossing the NF Ahtanum Creek bridge). Once we reached the campground, it started snowing hard on us. So the descent was wet snow and stuck on my legs and glasses but luckily not the pavement! When we got down to the town of Ahtanum, we stopped at the Chevron and warmed up with some hot choco, which the Chevron is open until 9pm.  After Ahtanum there are a few rollers into Fruit Valley/Yakima, where there are plenty of services, or at Selah a few miles further.

This is the part you might want to study the RWGPS map.  It was long after dark when we got on the Yakima Greenway trail, which does not have any signs, which we did our best give some landmarks to lead the way. The trail crosses 16th Ave which is 4-lanes then cross over Hwy 12, then later goes under a railroad bridge. Then immediately after, will turn left that is not marked, but just remember to head towards I-82 bridge. When in doubt you will cross over the I-82 bridge, crossing the Naches River towards Selah. If necessary, stock up in Selah as there will most likely be headwinds 50k up the canyon to Ellensburg.  After an overnight in Ellensburg, the headwinds were still there, but at least not as bad as the day before (they had 35 mph winds the day before).

Day 2, the route heads NW towards Thorp then climbs up go Elk Heights, with some steep pitches with some headwinds (about 13k with 850 ft of climbing). There are no services in the town of Thorp (but there is a services when you cross I-90, just before Thorp).  It is just best to stockup in Ellensburg to get you to Cle Elum or Roslyn.  We stopped in Cle Elum and went to the Subway (just slightly off course). But Roslyn has many services and there is also a store beyond the town of Ronald on the way to Salmon La Sac.  There are many relentless climbs going to and from Salmon La Sac (with 1200 ft of climbing on the way out and 700 ft back to Cle Elum).  We seemed to have headwinds on the return to Cle Elum.  We went back to the Subway and got another sandwich as we knew there was about 100k to the next services, since Liberty Café is closed after 2pm.  After Cle Elum the route continues northeast towards the Teanaway River, which was headwinds for us.  After you cross the Teanaway River, you will climb up to the end of the pavement on NF Teanaway River Rd.  This is a magnificent view of the Stewart Range on the way to the turnaround!! After the Info at the end of the pavement, you’ll descend back down…for us again more headwinds.  Then the route will climb up Ballard Hill, which eventually turns to hard packed gravel to the top at Swauk Prairie.  The route then gets onto Highway 907 and eventually US-97 and a short climb up to Liberty Café (Info control), which is open until 2pm.  You’ll descend back to the US-97 Southbound and climb up “Wind Mill Hill.”  At the top of the climb we thought we would have tailwinds….however for us, headwinds continued all the way until we turned west back to Ellensburg.  The route comes into the NE side of Ellensburg at the Dairy Queen to get a quick boost for the final 40k to the finish.  The route heads east from the Dairy Queen on University Way that becomes Vantage Highway, for about 15k up a steady grade and keeps climbing up Park Creek and Stevens Road. Then drops down to I-90 where there is an Info Control at Boylston Rd (at the large railroad trestle bridge over I-90).  You will then head west back into the town of Kittitas and take the Kittitas Highway due west back into Ellensburg.  After all the headwinds, we sailed in with tailwinds to the finish! The climbs and significant headwinds seemed to be tougher on the 2nd day which forced us to be efficient when we stopped. Looking forward in seeing you there on Friday!

Stay tuned for Vinny’s preride report


Friday, May 10, 2019, 6:00 AM until Saturday, May 11, 2019
Super 8 by Windham Ellensburg
1500 Canyon Rd
Ellensburg, WA  98926
John Pearch
Brevet Week 2019
Registration is closed
For all SIR events you must have front and rear lights, a reflective vest, and reflective ankle bands. Be prepared to show these to the ride organizer at the start. Your lights should be on during any low-light conditions (rain storms, night, tunnels).

You must read and agree to a waiver before beginning the ride, and you must turn in your signed brevet card at the end of the ride. If you will not finish, contact the organizer using the phone number on the card and cue sheet.

SIR will not provide overnight accommodations for this 600K brevet. You must book your own rooms.