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Due to the ongoing COVID pandemic, we will not be doing the Winter Solstice ride this year. Instead of the Solstice ride think about making a donation to your favorite charity or group — or reach out to a cycling friend you haven’t seen this year. 

Winter Training Series 2021 Cancelled – Due to ongoing COVID concerns and state restrictions on larger public gatherings the 2021 Winter Training Series has been cancelled.

If you want to ride any of the 2020 Winter Training Series routes yourself, they are available in the SIR Route Library.

Voler Custom SIR Kit – Voler is now accepting orders for our custom SIR kit in new-for-2021 Hi-Viz Orange & Blue and our classic summer White & Blue themes. Jerseys, shorts, outerwear, and accessories are all available. Start the order process at the Voler website. Orders must be submitted by end-of-day February 15 and should ship on or before March 26.  

This space will up updated periodically. Additional discussion about SIR activities can be found on Google Groups and Facebook.

Please see this FAQ for additional information.

About SIR

Randonneuring is self-supported long-distance cycling. It's a great sport for those who love to ride their bikes, explore new roads, and discover what is over the next hill. Our rides are scenic and challenging. Perhaps most enjoyable is the camaraderie among randonneurs. Randonneuring is not a race, but the time limits makes it challenging nonetheless.

Randonneuring celebrates self-sufficiency. On a brevet or a permanent, you are on your own ride. The self-sufficiency of randonneuring means that you are responsible for your own pace, your own nutrition, your own repairs, and, above all, your own safety. Although other riders, or the organizers, may offer assistance, the ultimate responsibility lies with you.

Randonneuring is a big tent where every rider finds their challenge. Some aspire to finish within the time limit, others try to set a personal best, and yet others want to go as fast as possible. Some concentrate on the longest distances (1000 km and beyond), others do the day rides (100, 200 and 300 km). All are randonneurs. At Seattle International Randonneurs, each rider is respected. We are all out to have fun!

Randonneuring rides (called populaires or brevets) vary in length between 100 km (62 miles) and 1200 km (750 miles). Riders are given a route sheet and a control card, which they have signed at predetermined points to show that they have completed the course.

Check our calendar for upcoming populaires and brevets and come join us on a ride!

Find us on: Google Groups | Facebook


Volunteers Needed

Seattle Randonneurs is a volunteer-run organization and we need you to make these rides happen.

Volunteer opportunities include brevet organization (coordinating a ride), on-course assistance (such as helping at sign-in, staffed controls or the finish), and a whole lot of help on the back end.

Ready to help out? Please reach out to the primary event contact on any ride you'd like to support.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Ride Results

Official RUSA results postings can be searched here.

Please note that, beginning in 2020, all SIR brevets and team events will require RUSA membership.

SIR on Google Calendar

Below is the SIR Google Calendar which lists brevets, populaires, team rides, and other events. ACP/RM dates are fixed, but we can add RUSA events (including Dart Populaires!) if there's interest.

Use the Upcoming Events list above to find event information and to register. The Google Calendar shown below is just to help you save the dates.  

You might notice placeholder names like "Summer 400K" on Google Calendar, but they're the same rides as the more specific names listed elsewhere.